Music Lessons

Are you wanting to site read sheet music, strum chords, play a lead line on an acoustic or electric guitar, play the fiddle or mandolin, or master that bass line?  We can help! Starting at age 6+, sign up today while you still can! Call the store at 817-406-4822 or stop by the shop and schedule in person!

Lessons are priced in blocks of 4 so contact us today to inquire! Check out our current list of teachers below – you can call and schedule with them, as well as by calling the store at 817-406-4822! We want to make your experience easy and fun!

We have three classrooms and a team of talented teachers so we are able to have up to three 1:00, 1:30, or 2:00 classes (etc) Monday-Friday 11am-6:30pm, and Saturday lessons are available too, 11am-4:30pm! 

Are you a qualified music teacher and want to be part of the TMC Music Teaching team? Inquire today to schedule a try out!

TMC Music Teachers are qualified, quality teachers that will challenge you, and can help take you to that next level!

Check out our current list of teachers below!

Travis Smith:

Acoustic Guitar – Electric Guitar – Scales – Bass Guitar – Beginner Mandolin

I have been playing guitar for 5 years,  self-taught for
the most part. I have taken some college courses for Music
Theory and performance. I really enjoy teaching all ages and can teach rock,
metal, blues, classical and country. I also enjoy teaching worship
including both acoustic and electric genres.

Contact Travis Smith at: 
Email Travis Here


Cory Vyse:

Fiddle-Violin-Mandolin-Guitar-Beginner Banjo

FB_IMG_1466021280877The fiddle is my passion and I set out to share it!

In the past 16 years of playing with multiple bands and now in the TX Country Music Industry, I have gained real life musician experience both on and off stage, as well as recording experience in the studio. I studied Commercial Music at South Plains College, where I studied business ethics for music as well as understanding “self worth”.  I have always challenged myself to understand the fundamentals of Nashville Notation and Music Theory. Any student I work with will be trained “classically” to both read and write sheet music notation and will be challenged in the same ways that I challenge myself. My teaching style will encourage students to know and understand all aspects and styles of music for versatility.

Contact Cory Vyse at:

Email Cory Here


Austin Choate:

 Drums – Rock & Roll – Jazz & Fusion – Country

Austin Choate has a combined experience of 10+ years of drum set, 7 years of concert percussion, 6 years of jazz studies, and 4 years of marching percussion. Austin is a devoted musician, spending numerous hours in the practice room. He enjoys teaching students of all ages and skill levels.

Contact Austin Choate at:
Email Austin Choate Here


Mark Matkovich: 

Bass – Trombone/Baritone – Practical Piano – Beginner Guitar – Reading Music – Composition – Music theory

I love playing the Bass guitar. I started playing when I was 12 years old with a small jazz band and have been hooked ever sense. Over the years I’ve played with several Jazz bands and a few Country and Rock bands.

I’m currently studying music at Weatherford College and have been writing music for the jazz combo. I started playing piano and guitar when I started college. I primarily use piano to write most of my music.

I have also been playing the Trombone and Baritone sense my first year in band. I can help get you started on the instruments, and I can also help with getting into jazz and improvisation.

If interested I can also teach sight reading sheet music, music theory, and composition.

My passion is music, and I look forward to sharing that with everyone willing to learn!

Contact Mark Matkovich at:

Email Mark Matkovich Here


Wisper Cox: 

Ukulele-Beginner Guitar=Beginner Piano

I am a singer songwriter and have spare time on my hands. In that spare time, I want to help someone accomplish their dreams of being a musician to play Ukulele, Guitar, and piano.

Contact Wisper Cox at: 


Email Wisper Cox Here


Randy Gray: 

Beginner to Advanced- Acoustic Guitar&Electric Guitar

Contact Randy Gray at: 


Email Randy Gray Here


Roger Starnes: 

Beginner to Advanced-Banjo-Mandolin-Acoustic Guitar

Contact Roger Starnes at: 



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